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Here’s a topical one! And at Junction 8 Models we always welcome applications by aspiring models of all shapes and sizes. To succeed in the modelling industry, you naturally need to have a model look, and be photogenic, but (and this is an important ‘but’) we don’t advocate the “size zero” model, particularly when it doesn’t promote a healthy attitude to body image in these well documented times.

For reasons that we’re pleased to acknowledge, the modelling industry has undergone tremendous change in recent years, and thankfully casting directors are usually now looking for real women to front their real campaigns (a well-documented example is the recent campaign of the Dove Girls, who are all healthy attractive, real women with curves, all working as professional models). In addition, models with curves and Plus Size models are in increasing demand more than ever before as the emergence of market leading brands such as Bravissimo and has assisted the cause.

No matter what size you may be, you can still become a male model, female model or child model! So what is your excuse now?

You may be aware that +-size model Robyn Lawley became a star in the fashion industry, defying thinness to star on the world’s most coveted famous magazine covers and ad campaigns. Her curves have featured in Vogue Italia and French Elle, and Robyn became the first +-sized model ever to star in a Ralph Lauren campaign, so bigger really can be beautiful it was proven.

For your guidance + sized models should be a size 14 – 18 and have a natural confidence to display their body, which they should keep attractive in hair, skin & teeth condition, coupled with a great look that helps to demonstrate lots of charisma. In short ‘likeability’ is a huge bonus.

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