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First let us be straight & direct to any person looking to break into the modelling industry. Whether you want to become a female model, commercial model or fitness model, it is a very competitive market, and if you are seeking to enter modelling you need to recognise please that it can be a challenge…but nothing worth having comes without effort.

At Junction 8 Models whenever we are asked questions the main ones we hear are:

(1) Who should we approach?

(2) How should I approach them?

(3) Do I really need a professional portfolio?

(4) Do I fit the requirements that are expected of a model?

Well! If your principal goal is to get into professional modelling work, be it is an agency model, or as a freelance model, you owe it to yourself to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed and that’s where we can advise you from many years of experience. And from that experience, we suggest that before you take your tentative opening steps into the modelling industry it is crucial to your chances of future success that you verify if you have the potential to be a model, and specifically where that potential lies.

If you don’t then inadvertently you could end up heading down the wrong path. It’s very important that you identify and focus on maximising your opportunities by establishing which categories of modelling you are best suited to.

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