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Many people don’t realise the size & scale of opportunities that exist for Male models within the wider modelling industry. Key to gaining work within the industry for any newcomer is the ability to identify & recognise the most suited areas of the market and then seeking out the most suited modelling agencies with the greatest opportunities in those areas.

We have assisted many Male models in establishing their suitability for commercial or high street modelling, editorial, high fashion, health and fitness, or alternative modelling. The chance for Male models to be ‘up on the catwalk’ is as widely available now as it has been for many years for their female modelling counterparts.

Once it’s established that you have the correct look, talent & determination, we could assist you in your quest to become a successful Male model.  To do so you must ensure that you take care of your appearance. Be sure to look after your skin, hair and body and exercise regularly. For those that are well toned, with a muscular physique, then opportunities may exist in magazines like Men’s Health. Alternatively, for those with a slight frame then you may be more suited to high fashion brands.

Critically you will require a strong, attractive, versatile portfolio to sell yourself to casting directors.

Often Male models are required to do underwear and swimwear modelling so be sure to decide early on if this is something that you want to do, or don’t! And don’t worry as opting out of this type of modelling is not a problem in your quest to become a Male model, but please be sure to make this clear to your modelling agency as you need to have their cooperation & goodwill, and minimising wasted time & effort on their behalf is key.

Contrary to the first impressions of many, being good looking with a good body is not enough by itself to become a Male model. The ability & comfort to be natural, comfortable, and therefore to the observer great, in front of the camera is key -people recognise confidence. At Junction 8 Models we will help you understand whether you have these requirements and if you do how to get the most out of yourself & gain a rewarding and enjoyable career thereafter.

Be aware please that Male models will often be required to wear some makeup in photo shoots.

The purpose of this is to ensure an evening of your skin tone, to cover any blemishes and importantly to accentuate your best features. Initially, this may be a new experience for you, but it isn’t for experienced Industry stylists and creative directors, so be sure to show willingness and a friendly cooperation with them. Remember that when they ask you exactly what they want you to wear it’s for good reason because after all you are helping to create their vision and in turn selling their clothes or products. To achieve this, and to get repeat work afterwards, it’s very important to display a good attitude always in your dealings with others.

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