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Fitness modelling is a young and highly competitive industry that require models to commit to hard work and much dedication to break into. There are many thousands of people with fit toned bodies looking to make a successful modelling career out of their appearance, and therefore to compete, you must be prepared to commit 100% effort into promoting yourself, and learning how to instantly impress the right people in the right places in the industry.

Junction 8 Models stands ready to offer advice to those seeking to break into this vibrant Fitness modelling sector and most Fitness models use modelling as a part-time job and flexible source of income. Prudently therefore it is important to remember that although Fitness modelling can be part-time, the necessity is to maintain your ‘look’ as a full-time practice!


The established basic rule you will need to adhere to is the ability to maintain a consistent body shape, ensuring the maintenance of good muscle tone, combined with a strong general fitness. In addition, aspiring models in this field need to ensure an on-going care and maintenance of their hair, teeth and skin.

To be a successful fitness model it is important to maintain an overall look of desired health. Working as a Fitness model you will typically be asked to promote products such as protein bars, health drinks & shakes, sports clothing and fitness magazines etc. In addition, you may also promote non-fitness related products but generally, this will be less frequent. As fitness is your key market it goes without saying that you must stay in shape at all times & be on call in a good way around the clock.