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There are not many things that are more exciting & rewarding than taking the first steps towards participation in Female modelling, but to the inexperienced entrant, there’s a need to engage experienced, supportive and above all pragmatic assistance.

There’s a prerequisite of having both an attractive body & looks, but there’s more required to succeed if you want a career in Female modelling. The best candidates to enter the profession possess a good positive attitude combined with determination and ambition in equal measure. This is the same whether you want to become a teen model, fitness model or plus sized model!

A Female model’s personality is key as she will need to engage & get on with all those that she interacts with-people buy people remember. The ability to hold conversations with your colleagues & peers rounds off the profile that succeeds. In this competitive market, there’s an opportunity to have great fun and enjoy great financial reward, but a rounded individual that is recognised above others is key to your chances of success.

Nothing that’s worth waiting for happens overnight, but having a professional & versatile portfolio is key to showcasing your best abilities and making them visible to the widest possible audience.

It’s here that we assist you, in creating a professional, attractive Female model portfolio that acts as your CV in this competitive market, getting noticed needs professional assistance. An important point to observe is that nothing in modelling comes with a cast iron guarantee, so enter with a balanced & realistic perspective, backed by a supportive family & close friends group, and you’ll be able to take the inevitable ‘no’s’ that can precede the ‘yes’s’.

Once you set your heart, and mind, on being a full-time Female Model, give yourself the best chances of success. So, keep your appearance to a high standard always, and maintain healthy skin, hair & nails and a good physical appearance, available to display at any time. Finally, make sure that you dress appropriately for castings & take an interest in fashion-your prospective employers notice!

At Junction 8 Models we have a team of experienced industry professionals who will help you establish the right type of Female model to become.   There are opportunities for Female Models in High Fashion, Editorial, Commercial, Health & Fitness, Lingerie and possibly promotional modelling.

It’ important to understand what your market is and to target the correct model agencies accordingly if you want to become a female model.