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It may not surprise you to know that Commercial modelling is the largest area of modelling in the UK. Commercial models have the ability to establish very successful & rewarding professional careers, by virtue of their focussed efforts, by appearing in catalogues advertisements, magazines and various digital platforms.

In the UK market alone, there is a multitude of areas of opportunity for Commercial models, from promotional modelling in exhibitions, trade fairs & sports events for example, to participation in the advertising of a specific product, brand or service, whatever the nature of the client’s requirements.

Commercial models participate in what is undoubtedly the largest & and most varied type of modelling in the UK today, Including female models, male models and child models! It’s interesting to note that the requirements in Commercial modelling are not overly stringent and to recognise that the look is solely based the look & feel of what the client envisages for the advertisement or communication. It’s reassuring to know that, despite what you may hear from others, many of the successful Commercial models in the UK today look like every day (normal!) people.


What distinguishes & separates a successful commercial model from others is their ability to express and convey emotion, and the ability to consistently to repeat & replicate that same look consistently & repeatedly upon demand.  You may well be aware that actors & singers sometimes cross over into commercial modelling, particularly as clients often look for models with the exact right look they seek, but equally & importantly for a personality, versatility and great acting ability recognised by others. Good commercial models are typically (but not exclusively) photogenic, as having unique or unusual looks whilst preferable is not absolutely essential.

UK demand for commercial models in the industry is very high, and therefore often financially rewarding, with a multitude of companies regularly in competition to find the most exciting, memorable & distinctive models, who will thereafter be easily identifiable with their product or service.

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