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We welcome applications by parents on behalf of their children looking for work in this field. There are many agencies out there that specialise in children, and a lot of work available, therefore. In practice, there are very few real restrictions on what a child can and can’t do, but the key is not that the child is attractive but rather that they fit a certain look the creative team are after, and that they work well & look engaging in front of the camera.

Getting a child into a model agency is straight forward, and possibly from experience the easiest of all modelling categories. Specifically, this is because modelling agencies that specialise in kids need many models to cover all the ages, types and geographic locations, and to also cover availability. In addition, children grow up fast, so there’s always a need for new entrants into age group and its modelling requirements.

Work opportunities for children can be diverse, and are usually always commercial, ranging from clothing catalogues to holiday brochures, to adverts for nappies or breakfast cereals, but expect the unexpected also!

Child modelling also gives your child a great future opportunity to become a teen model, or even become a famous male model or female model!

Our experience says that by having a professional photo shoot with us, it is the best way to discover whether your child has what it takes to make it as a model. For Child models, the natural ability to open up in front of new people is important, and similarly being able to perform on demand is also key. If your child isn’t comfortable or gets shy, when asked to smile in front of the camera then you owe it to them to seriously consider whether modelling is for them. Most importantly you need to think about whether they have confidence on camera and the patience to sit through a long photo shoot-it’s key to your children’s likelihood of success.

Please be aware that there are quite correctly laws regarding Child modelling in the UK and you should make yourself aware of them. For your child to work they will require a license and they will be restricted to the number of hours they can work. It is a legal requirement that Parents or Legal Guardians have to accompany children to all shoots, so if you can’t commit to this then please don’t enter into the process.

Child modelling can often be very rewarding financially and can be a lot of fun for both child & parent. Model Agencies who specialise in Children’s modelling can place the right child in big campaigns for Television commercials, billboards, games and toys, magazines and posters, and that smile can be immortalised on many an occasion.

If after reading this you still think, or indeed are even more sure, that your child has the looks & personality to make it as a Child model then we can help you to kick-start their modelling career. Fill in the form on this page and our experts will contact you if we feel we can help you-we will offer the right support to direct and guide you & your child on your path wherever it is possible.

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