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Don’t worry, being a body parts model is not as strange a profession as it may seem at first glance and very many models enjoying the ability to earn very good money by modelling parts of their bodies that have a special quality.

For example, it’s often the case that commercial or fashion models, who look good in a full-length picture modelling an outfit, may not have nice enough feet to have a close up of their shoes and here’s where the opportunity for a parts model may arise. Such models are employed because they usually specialize in modelling one part of the body.

This specialized type of model is often used for photographic shoots, specifically to assist in the promotion and selling of products, or in films where the people at the top look specifically for that special “someone”, with those killer legs, beautiful hands or another part of the body they want to enhance their product or service!

It’s sometimes the case that some models only model parts, but equally it’s possible that commercial, fashion, petite, mature, +size and glamour models can undertake parts modelling, provided that they meet the required standards.

It’s important to note that body parts models need to ensure that they always keep their key assets in a good photogenic condition. For example, Hand models are used to model many different types of products, such as expensive rings & bracelets for jewellers, nail polish, nail extensions and hand creams amongst other things.

Therefore, the requirements for Hand Models will typically include;

• Smooth skin
• Long slender graceful looking hands & fingers
• Great shape, combined with the ability to pose hands so that they look relaxed
• An absence of blemishes or uneven skin tone
• Typically, men’s hands shouldn’t feature excessive hair
• Neat, even & well cared for nails

Body Part leg models
Body part model
Body part eye model
Body part models

Similarly, the requirements for Foot Models include;

•Smooth skin
• Evenly shaped toes
• The absence of corns and hang nails
• An absence of blemishes or uneven skin tone
• Neat, even & well cared for nails
• Attractive ankles

This makes sense when considering some of the things foot models advertise including shoes, ankle bracelets, toe rings, creams, sprays, polishes, socks etc.

Legs models are most often associated with tall models. The model’s legs should appear long, shapely, smooth, well moisturised, waxed and free of blemishes &varicose veins. Leg models will typically sell products such as stockings, razors, bath products and lotions.

The above are the main three types of body-parts modelling, but be aware also that there is also a market for, and therefore opportunities for body part models, to model ears, hair, bottoms, necks, eyes and lips.